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Somasundaram Eye Hospital

Welcome to Somasundaram Eye Hospital in Karur. We give best treatment for eye in Karur.

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Welcome to Somasundaram Eye Hospital , Karur

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Somasundaram Eye Hospital

Somasundaram Eye Hospital was established in the year 1993 by DR.Baskar with the sole purpose/motto to provide affordable eye care facilities to the underprivileged people in and around karur.

Having said this we have seen and are seeing 50 out-patients “FREE OF COST”, “EVERY SUNDAY FOR THE PAST FIFTEEN YEARS” added to this.

We are doing 2 FREE phaco cataract IOL surgeries on Sunday “ON ALL SUNDAYS” to date.

To be honest we have done this service for roughly 750 Sundays continuosly, screening 50,000 patients free of cost and have done 2000 free cataract IOL surgeries till date.

Yes, ours in the only private hospital, without any funding, doing this service relentlessly,meticulously,tirelessly. God willing and with patients and well-wisher's well wishes, for the past 15 years we hope to continue to this service life time.

We have and will always strive to work towards our motto 'YOUR VISION OUR MISSION'.

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